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There seems to be a lot of traffic in this group that doesn't belong here. 

>From a post by net.goddess:

[1] Do not post original articles to ABOI. Repost other articles.

    ABOI is Like all newsgroups, it was created
    to address a specific need.
    For your information: is a group that has been 
    created to contain articles that people have read in other newsgroups 
    and which could be of interest to other people who don't read *every* 
    group available.
    Here's how to participate:

    [a] find a newsgroup other than ABOI;
    [b] find an article that is funny, entertaining, intelligent,
        thought-provoking, or otherwise interesting;
    [c] pretend you are going to 'follow-up' but instead of leaving
        the "Newsgroups:" line as you find it, you delete all of the
        groups and add "" and instead of leaving the
        "Follow-ups To:" line alone, forward it to the appropriate

    You should not post new articles here, just post *copies* of
    articles with their source, so people can follow-up to the
    source. For that reason, it is polite to note clearly where you
    found the article.

[2] Do not use ABOI as your personal flame forum. Go to "alt.flame"

    ABOI only contains *copies* of posts. If you want to comment on the
    post: follow-up to the original post, or mail the poster. If you
    enjoy arguing and insulting others for fun, go to "alt.flame" If
    you want to insult one flamer in particular, send them a
    nasty e-mail by replying directly to their post, NOT by
    following-up. (My address is :-)

[3] Do not use ABOI or other inappropriate groups for adverts.

    I cannot say this enough: is for REPOSTING
    articles of interest to other people on the net. ABOI, like most
    Internet newsgroups, is not for advertising ANYTHING. Go to
    groups with "biz", "for-sale", "marketplace", or "wanted".
    Do not even think of posting the infamous chain-letter thread
    called "MAKE.MONEY.FAST". It is a fraud and has gotten many
    people in trouble. At least one person lost their net.access for
    posting it.

[4] Do not create a huge irrelevant thread on ABOI to annoy others.

    Post a follow-up to the original group or mail the person who
    posted the article. Irrelevant threads, called cascades, are
    usually one-line posts that continue a rhyme or a theme. Most
    people resent having to deal with cascades. Those who DO like
    cascades read alt.cascade and alt.humor.

[5] Do not post tests, personal mail, or personal messages to ABOI.

    Test messages can be posted to "alt.test", "alt.test.test" or
    These test messages will result in e-mail responses directly to
    you from all over the globe. If you would prefer NOT to get these
    e-mail responses, post to the test groups with "ignore" in the
    "Subject:" line.

    Personal mail or messages for one person, not the entire readership 
    of, belong in your friend's personal mailbox
    (or enemy's...see [2] above), *not* in ABOI.
    If you are lonely and want to post a personal ad, do it in 
    Incidentally, it would behoove you to read a newsgroup before 
    posting to it. If you read newsgroups prior to posting to them, you 
    will most likely avoid making embarrassing (for you) or annoying 
    (for everyone else) mistakes.

[6] Remember everyone IS allowed to use the Internet.

    The Internet consists of the people using it. It exists by the
    grace of many volunteers and a few paid staff scattered around
    the globe. No one type of access, server, computer, et cetera is
    superior to any other.
    If you wish to argue about the moral superiority of one type of
    site (example: .edu, .mil, .gov) over other types of sites
    (examples:,,, then 
    take it elsewhere.
    Don't be a twit and annoy everyone with your rudeness.

[7] Please remember to be courteous of others...use Netiquette.

    The Internet and News are means of communicating.
    "Do onto others as you would have them do to you."

[8] Do not use your computer to abuse others, you *will* get caught.

    In order to make error-checking possible, every post and e-mail
    message contains an identifier. Even if you change your name and
    your reply address, you can be traced. Remailers won't hide you.
    Hacking your address won't hide you. Using a "deeptht" account
    won't hide you. Using "chfn" won't hide you. So you might as well
    be an adult and treat people nicely.

[9] E-mail is the only fool-proof way to communicate with others.

    Wanna talk to someone? Mail them. 
    Wanna tell lots of people what you just read? Post it.

[10] Always fasten your seatbelt on the Information Highway.

    It moves fast. Sit down, sit tight and enjoy. Take time to help
    others and swallow your pride and allow others with more
    experience help YOU if necessary.

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