Below you'll find links to some of the things I've written. They range in age from pre-historic, to current and cover technical, explanatory, educational, social and professional topics. Links within the texts may not work as expected. Some topics have aged well, others not so much, so be prepared for a variation in relevance.



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    • As a regular contributor to Reddit, you can find my posts under my main user account /u/vk6flab.


  • 2014 GovHack - BusHack
    • For GovHack 2014 we used the electronic ticket data for the City of Perth for March and April 2014. 16 million journeys made across bus, train and ferry. [YouTube]
      • iVEC Big & Complex Data Prize
      • GIS Rising Star award
  • 2015 GovHack - Datagum
    • For GovHack 2015 we created a word-cloud based search engine that allows users to find documents based on words in that text, rather than guessing words as a traditional search engine might work. [Git] [YouTube]
      • iVEC Big & Complex Data Prize
  • 2016 GovHack - Public Housing
    • For GovHack 2016 we created a platform that shows where best to build public housing. [YouTube]
      • Landgate - SPUR prize
  • 2017 IDEAHack- Cup of Sugar
    • Hosted by the Department of Communities we created a process to connect communities by way of sharing skills in a framework based around community events.


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