complicated technology made simple

ITmaze exists to help people discover solutions across the complex world of technology...

ITmaze is a consultancy unlike most. Information Technology moves fast and for many people that's a daunting prospect, but helping you navigate through that complex maze is why this organisation exists.

Success is measured by how self reliant and independent you remain, not how many products or services are provided. Guided by this philosophy there's no sales pitch, no commissions, no kick-backs or long-term contracts.

Help you get where you want to go...

The aim is to help you get to where you want to go so you can get on with it.

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Established in 1999, ITmaze is a sole-trader consultancy that exists to help you discover what solution works best for you and your business. Building relevant, reliable processes and systems is about being able to use and grow them without needing constant external support. I have assisted hundreds of people around the globe, from start-ups to Government departments and everything in between.

Hundreds of people around the globe...

You can check out a list of some of the projects that I have fulfilled.

As the sole person responsible, you'll deal with me directly, no intermediaries, no juniors, no interns and no departmental reshuffles, no excuses. There's no administrative overheads, unexpected fees or establishment charges. Any services provided are on a cost plus basis and my hourly rate is charged as it's incurred.

How it works is simple...

Following an initial determination if I can actually help, you'll be expected to spend some time detailing your needs and expectations. After being supplied with an indication of project cost, we'll be working together to arrive at your chosen destination.

Your journey is specific to your needs and could consist of any or more of: training, documentation, presentations, custom software, reports, purchasing requirements or something else entirely.

What you see is what you get..

One thing you'll discover quickly is a blunt "What you see is what you get" and if I am not able to help, you'll be told straight, followed by my recommendations on what to do next. If you're searching for someone to hand over your problem to and extract yourself, I'm not the partner you're looking for.

Even if what you're looking for is not nearly as clear as you'd like, start a conversation today. You can start exploring right now by sending me an email:

I work remotely, am based in the UTC+8 time zone and prefer to receive your contact via email.

Onno Benschop, ITmaze - complicated technology made simple

Some of the projects that ITmaze has created for clients around the world.

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